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Helo at High Zoom by Paradogma Helo at High Zoom :iconparadogma:Paradogma 0 0 Ocean's Fury by Paradogma Ocean's Fury :iconparadogma:Paradogma 3 0 Spray by Paradogma Spray :iconparadogma:Paradogma 1 0 The Grotto by Paradogma The Grotto :iconparadogma:Paradogma 2 1 Drags by Paradogma Drags :iconparadogma:Paradogma 0 0 DRIIIIIIFT by Paradogma DRIIIIIIFT :iconparadogma:Paradogma 1 0
Poetry in Motion
Her entrance was like a ray of sun
Her radiance pushed away my gloom
And brought me back my sence of fun
As she gracefully swept into the room
Her hair is dark as midnight shadow
Her skin as fair as winters gift
Her laugh like wind across the meadow
Her eyes entrancing set me adrift
Her voice I cannot begin to compare
Even a nighting-gale fades to naught
Such beauty in this world is rare
I can not look away, for I am caught
I cant remove her from my thoughts
But why would I even if I could
Tho the path is with danger wrought
Many tougher trials I have withstood
I chanced to touch her shoulder lightly
I felt like time had stopped on out behalf
It made my head spin and I stumbled slightly
I covered it up with a stupid laugh
I know not if she feels the same
I dare not worry about my fears
I know only that I am glad I came
As she is someone worth my tears
I know not how to prove my worth
But I can, I must, I shall, I will
Her kind, warm smile is like new birth
And I feel it shine upon me s
:iconparadogma:Paradogma 0 1
Moving through this cold world
Unknowing about when I'm going
Uncaring about where I've been
I know only that I am here now
I care only you aren't with me
:iconparadogma:Paradogma 0 0
Food for Thought
I was talking to one of my best friends today...
Me:> I saw a sparrow chasing a moth in the carpark downstairs at work today
Me:> it brightened my day up a little
Me:> sometimes I wish I would remember those moments
Me:> and forget some of the horrible ones
Her:> you dont have to forget them...just put more importance on the good ones
I'm nearly double her age... yet sometimes she's so insightful its scary
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It was too dark to see -Redux-
it was too dark to see what
I wanted and hoped to see.... it wasn't there
I now know I'm glad I could not see
now we are apart it seems
like everything has gone wrong
But it was too dark to see what
I wanted and hoped to see it wasn't there
I fear because 1've been hurt before and have now been hurt again
That something will go wrong and it has
It will somehow be all my fault and it was
As it has been in the past and is again
But it was too dark to see what
I wanted and hoped to see it wasn't there
I was afraid to turn on the light as I should have been
To see into your eyes and I never will again
For if what I hoped to see in them but never will again
Is missing, and so I am
:iconparadogma:Paradogma 0 1
Too dark to see
When you lay in my arms last night,
Breathing heavily from the exertion
I move your hair from your eyes,
And wished I could look into them
But it was too dark to see what
I wanted and hoped to see.
I don’t know if I’m glad I could not see
As I’d rather not know if it was not there
When we are together it seems
Like nothing can go wrong
But it was too dark to see what
I wanted and hoped to see.
I fear because I’ve been hurt before
That something will go wrong
It will somehow be all my fault
As it has been in the past
But it was too dark to see what
I wanted and hoped to see.
I am afraid to turn on the light
To see into your eyes
For if what I hope to see in them
Is missing… then so am I
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Waterfall 2 by Paradogma Waterfall 2 :iconparadogma:Paradogma 0 0 Waterfall by Paradogma Waterfall :iconparadogma:Paradogma 0 2
Adoration and Desolation
What is this, oh who is she
this beautious wonder tho she be
she will not come and bide with me
I wonder if my heart shows clearly
Wandring thru my life and merely
making me want you oh so dearly
my heart to death is oh so nearly
oh dearest angel come to Me
When I look into your eyes I see
This is where I am meant to be
close to you, and you with Me
Forever 'til the end of time.
Oh Seraph, dearest heart of mine
your love must surely surpass time
your beauty intoxicates more than wine
your gaze is heavens mana sent.
When you gaze away from Me I feel bent
Crippled, old and lost and spent
My heart will surely asunder be rent
:iconparadogma:Paradogma 0 1
Bushfire by Paradogma Bushfire :iconparadogma:Paradogma 9 4


Just an update...

Things are starting to go OK for me again...

new job, which I enjoy... slowly getting rid of my bills, then onto my debts.

some new friends, which is nice, since I've been a bit (lot) of a hermit of late

and one of my besties has come back from a too long absence :D
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le grand méchant loup
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Paradogma Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2007  Hobbyist Photographer
everything in life is change, even to resist change is change in itself.

Change is inevitable, Except from a vending machine...
inspyretash Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2007
:laughing: Sorry had to laugh at that last line, couldn't help it.
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